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Thank you SO much for the opportunity to bring my students to the Act one dress rehearsal yesterday. They LOVED it! Several of them returned in the evening and sat right near the band. I sat in the balcony last night and thought the entire performance was spectacular!  Your chamber orchestra was superb! Many thanks for all the opportunities you give my students.
Paula Ortelli, Head of the Arts, Stratford Central Secondary School

I'm emailing to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the performance of Dracula last night. It was truly stunning. The singing was first class, the orchestra wonderful, and Marti's direction allowed each of the characters to be fully realized. I know that this was a huge undertaking for the Chamber, but all was handled masterfully.

Marg and Larry Thompson, Stratford

Just a note to say we were blown away by Dracula. Totally wonderful.
The orchestration of the drama of the story was amazing.
David & Carolyn Sharpe, Stratford

I made a point of coming from Toronto to attend this magical concert. It was beyond expectations. The virtuosity of every artist was so exhilarating ... Un gran merci.
Beverley Valentine, Toronto

The Rush

What a splendid program of music at last evening’s INNERchamber: The Rush, the vigour of three musicians left me breathless. Add to that the beautifully choreographed dance elements, well, I almost called 911! Marek Norman’s inspired Suite Wanderlust; words fail while the spirit soars.  

Eleanor Kane, Stratford

What a stunning performance yesterday! Our children and staff were mesmerized. I have had very many people stop me and tell me how much they enjoyed the performance. We are so very fortunate to have you and your fellow artists reach out to us.

Kendra Pearson, Music Teacher

Serious Genius

... we were delighted with last night's concert. The choice of music was lovely and I too have fallen under the spell of Schubert's Quintet - the second movement was sublime. We both greatly enjoyed the banter from Andrew and Ben at the beginning of the second half.  Humour, intelligence, an obvious love for the music and for playing it for others and an infectious teasing of the audience - a perfect brew for a musical evening.  And Andrew's notes are a pleasure to read for the same reason - informative, informal, amusing and intelligent … INNERchamber is one of the gems of Stratford and one is tempted to try and keep it a special prize for those who know about it.  I am glad that the evening was so well attended and it was certainly very much appreciated by everyone.

Guy Chadsey, Stratford

Book Club

Sincerely, it was a splendid and distinctly individual experience for all of us attending.

Very special.
JC, Stratford

Please pass along my heart-felt thanks to the performers of last evening's concert; it was perfect. From start to finish, the musical tales were moving and so beautiful. The combination of the readings and music could not have been better chosen; the human and instrumental voices were pure magic. I loved the book, and this performance made the stories an even richer experience. Would that you could do more of them!
AMM, Stratford

These concerts are such a highlight for me - a brilliant way to spend a Sunday evening.  Thank you to you, Andrew, the Board and the musicians for entertaining us so beautifully concert after concert!

Arlene Jillard, Stratford 


It was a thoroughly enjoyable concert; an inspired program performed with panache and aplomb! Terrific way to cap off the season

AMM, Stratford

Congratulations to the entire INNERchamber Ensemble for yet another spectacular evening of music, story, innovation and laughter. These concerts are so hard to explain to people who haven't experienced them, but they're so damn good every time. I took my mom last night and we were both so bowled over we rolled all the way back home.
Alison Wearing, Stratford 

Hot Air

A huge thank you to you and the other performers for Tuesday's HOT AIR concert. In discussion with my students, they found the performance incredible. They had many interesting comments about the different instruments. I think the highlight was the oboe performance

Paula Ortelli, Stratford

Music Oft Hath Such a Charm

What a delightful concert! It was thoroughly enjoyable and Sirkel's supper was delicious; it proved -yet again - that an Inner Chamber performance is the best value in town.
AM, Stratford


Cusp of Greatness

Thank you so much for an amazing concert last night. We are still living it this morning.

Jenny & David, Stratford


Thank you for the enrichment of chamber music. A splendid concert last evening!

Eleanor Kane, Stratford



“That was a fantastic Concert last night.....everyone responded exactly how we felt. Many many thanks from all.”
AD, Stratford


Ships in the Night

“We very much enjoyed the concert. It was a real find for us”.
WT, Michigan


The Golden Cage

“I enjoyed this concert very much, indeed, especially the Shostakovich. And the food is amazing!”
MJM, Stratford


2 Cellos and a Banjo

“I just wanted to let you know how much Jim and I enjoyed Saturday's concert. We're still talking about it. Thank you for helping us locate tickets. We will definitely keep INNERchamber on our list of things to do.”
JS, Stratford

“I went to "Two Cellos and a Banjo" on Saturday--wonderful and interesting. I'm thrilled by the quality of music to listen to here.”
MJM, Stratford

“thank you for the wonderful concert yesterday (2 cellos and a banjo)”.
ABC, Stratford


Party at Ludwig's

“Super concert last night. A complete program of delightful music throughout, no distractions, and played by very accomplished professional musicians".
Alan and Brenda Carr

“Many, many thanks for last evening's concert. BRAVO! Could anyone be happier with a concert than those attending last night? I think NOT. We attended a bit of a get together afterwards and the superlatives were just flying .... justifiably. Absolutely memorable".
JC Stratford

“I just wanted to let you know what a terrific time I had at the concert last night. Such wonderful music and I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and approachable atmosphere. Thank you”.
J Auster, Stratford




Stephen Preece
“First concert of new music series hits right note in factory space.”
The Record, October 24th, 2010

Sandra Mogensen

"Live Music in Intimate Spaces"

Mogenpianist Blog, - Monday, February 27, 2012


Marion Adler

"Octet Euphoria..."

PERTHartsCONNECT E-Newsletter, March 1, 2012

I am still floating on the absolute pure joy of the Schubert Octet on Sunday night, presented by the ever amazing INNER chamber at the beautiful and funky Factory 163. The food was hearty and delicious, the conversation animated and the concert itself transcendent. The audience encircled the musicians (who repositioned themselves after intermission) thus creating an atmosphere of extraordinary intimacy and connection. I found myself laughing with joy at the enthusiastic physicality of Ben Bolt-Martin as he attacked his cello strings with such gusto and passion, and clarinetist Peter Shackleton as he suddenly surpassed the speed of light in the final movement's allegro - we sat on the edges of our seats as Andrew Chung (violin), Julie Baumgartel(violin) and Joshua Greenlaw(viola) slipped into a breathtaking trio in the 5th movement with such perfect ensemble playing. The gorgeous textures of the wind instruments (Derek Conrod on French Horn, Elizabeth Gowen on Bassoon) never overwhelmed the more delicate strings and Ian Whitman on bass was much more than simply a solid foundation. We enjoyed a discussion of "condensation" versus "spit" after intermission when the wind players explained the various ways they kept their instruments play-ready - although I wasn't sure Ben Bolt-Martin was going to recover from the giggle fit it produced.


But what struck me so deeply about that evening was the sense of community I felt - watching the connection between the musicians - so disciplined, focused and committed to making this exquisite music together, and watching our larger community literally surrounding them, committed to supporting and celebrating and sharing this extraordinary experience.


Helen Harrison
"A feast indeed"

Letter to the Editor, Stratford Gazette, April 21st, 2011


On Sunday, April 3 I finally managed to attend one of the INNERchamber concerts that Andrew Chung has presenting at Factory 163.


Arriving at 6pm I was treated to a feast for the senses. A delicious meal prepared by County Food Co. set the tone for the evening – very casual with lots of time and space for interacting with friends.


This was my first time experiencing an event catered by this local business and I must say that I was impressed with the quality, variety and amount that they had prepared.

Following the dinner, we were treated to a pleasing serenade provided by harp, viola, flute and violin. A variety of styles of chairs were set up on the ancient wooden floors of the old Prestonia building, while overhead pipes from the factory days and a simple low stage added to the décor. The setting certainly provides a wonderful ambiance for the music that was presented.


Julia Shaw’s fingers moved with great dexterity on the harp to capture the intricacies of the score. Liesel Deppe is a new name to me, but Stratford is fortunate to now claim her as one of our local artists. Her mastery on the flute was impeccable. Joshua Greenlaw came from Toronto to add his skills on viola. And of course our own Andrew Chung was a delight in the Beethoven Sonata Opus 25 for flute, violin and viola.


At the end of the concert, Mr. Chung pointed out what lies ahead. On May 1 there will be a screening of the 1920 Douglas Fairbanks classic silent film The Mark of Zorro. It will be accompanied by an entirely original full-length live musical score compiled and arranged by Graham Hargrove. Kevin Ramessar and James Bourne will join him in providing the background sounds that encompass Spanish, Latin American, classical, tango and ragtime music.


With another edible feast being offered, and popcorn during the show, it promises to be a great evening.

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